Body Lotion and Creams Should Replace Skin Deficiencies Rather Than Cover Them Like Some Body Creams

We all want to look as young as possible and that usually means trying to keep our facial appearance as close to that when we were in our twenties. However, trying to keep a youthful face without using body creams as well seems counter-productive.

What’s the point of enjoying being outdoors in the healthy fresh air if we are too ashamed to uncover other parts of our body to benefit from the healing rays of the sun? As we age, the quality of the skin over our whole body will suffer if we do not replace the deficiencies that have occurred.

The answer is simply to use body lotion and creams that will revitalize our skin and, gradually, bring it back alongside the texture that we are aiming for in our faces.

When we spend more time improving the condition of our whole body, it is not just the tone and appearance that benefits. As long as we make sure the body creams we use have natural ingredients with scientifically-proven healing properties, we will help ourselves to feel more vital and alive.

We have to take care that we do not try to “get something for nothing” by believing adverts in glossy magazines that claim to turn back the clock in a matter of a few days of using an inexpensive cream.

So many articles about skin care would have us believe that putting some filler over our skin to give a temporary improved appearance is a worthwhile use of our time. This also applies to our body.

It may have taken us several years of indifference for the skin of our body to change. One effect is that the skin of the subcutaneous layer gradually becomes thinner. When younger, this would give us a certain amount of padding but, without this, there is more risk of skin injury.

If we want to spend our time wisely in protecting the skin of our body, we need to know about the compounds that are found in body lotion and creams. Sometimes it can be difficult to discover the ingredients of the more well-known brands of body creams. Even those that do list them will probably list only a few and, probably, in a rather general way such as the generic description and its usual property such as moisturizing or smoothing.

The only way to be sure that the deficiencies in the skin of your body can be corrected is to check the ingredients for a deep moisturizer such as jojoba oil as well as an emulsifier like olive oil and a powerful antioxidant like phytessence wakame.

These will all combine to improve the elasticity of your skin as well as improving its skin-tone and smoothness.

The body lotion I use each day has many more rejuvenating ingredients that help to allow me to benefit from the sun without being self-conscious. You can find out more about body creams at my website and discover a body lotion that is excellent value.

Mary M Stewart has done extensive research into natural skin care to discover as much as possible about using nature to maintain a healthy, young-looking appearance. Visit her free resource at and learn more about the most effective skin care that you can trust and why you should consider the benefits for your skin.

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