Best Anti Aging Wrinkle Advice – Dr Oz’ Guide to a Younger Face and Body

One of the ways to beat anti aging wrinkles can be to apply a cream which is high in certain herbal extracts which are great for the skin.

Alternatively, what most people overlook when they want they their skin to remain young tight and fresh is taking a look at the bigger picture. It’s all very well applying a cream but if your body is not healthy then your not getting the full results.

One of the best ways, studies have revealed to having healthier younger skin is to make sure your arteries are clean and functioning effectively so no new blockages begin to form which will become noticeable in certain areas around the face and body.

These areas may appear bloodshot or purple so it is essential for your body to reap the full benefits by keeping our arteries clean. One way, scientists have discovered which was recently reported by celebrity dietitian, Doctor Oz, is resveratrol. A seven year study carried out by the National Geographic unearthed that healthier skin and longevity in general is mainly due to keeping our arteries fresh and new and running properly.

What Resveratrol does they argue is it effectively scrubs your arteries. Found in the grape skin, this fungi is naturally produced to fight the plants bacteria and found in wine, three times the level to that found in western supermarkets; the people of Sardinia who on average consume two glasses of red wine a day have the largest male centenarian population in the world.

Obviously just consuming resveratrol alone will not make the biggest impact on your longevity and effectively your skin, but if it is accompanied with regular exercise and a diet high in Omega 3 Acids, your skin and wrinkles will soon take on a different look, scientists argue.

Resveratrol is now sold in the bottle, and each bottle contains 60 capsules which is the equivalent to roughly 1000 bottles of Sardinian red wine so the concentration is obviously high!

If you are slightly dubious about Resv’s claims, Resveratrol are currently offering a “14 Day Free Trial” – No strings attached.

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