Best Workout For Your Body

The great thing about exercise for women is that just about any activity that gets you moving will work. You should try to get vigorous exercise in for about an hour a day at least 3 days a week and regular, more moderate activity during the rest of the week. One can do the exercise that is given below.
Vigorous Aerobic Exercise:
This includes sports like football, tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. It also includes brisk walking, running, cycling, swimming or chasing an annoying sibling. Always make sure you’re wearing the proper protective gear whatever activity you choose and, as mentioned previously, try for this level of activity at least 3 times a week.

Muscle Strengthening:

This type of training helps you build muscular strength and endurance. It can involve unstructured activities like using playground equipment or climbing trees. It can also include structured strength workouts with exercises like squats, pushups or crunches using weights, machines, or your own body weight. Always work with an adult, coach, trainer or other expert before you start lifting weights to make sure you know the right exercises to do and how to do them correctly. You may already lift weights if you’re playing a sport but, if not, you can add this type of activity 2 to 3 days a week, with at least a day of rest in between. Learn more about strength training for kids teens.

Regular activity:

Aside from participating in a sport or other activities like running or riding your bike, you should also include regular activity into your day, which means limiting how much time you sit at the computer or video game. This can include active games taking walks, wrestling with your friends or tossing a ball in the backyard. This is something you can do every day, especially on the days you aren’t doing harder, more structured workouts.

Exercising too much can also lead to injuries, overtraining and, for girls, a change in menstrual cycles that could lead to bone loss. It’s sometimes hard to know how much is too much, since everyone can tolerate a different amount of exercise. However, exercising several times a day or for several hours is probably too much on anyone. Following the guidelines and exercising about an hour a day is a good place to start.

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