Discover the Fish Oil Health Benefits For Your Body and Mind

As popular as omega3 supplements are, people probably do not realize exactly the fish oil health benefits their body and mind get from taking them. Of course we are all aware that we need to have extra omega 3 and this is due largely to the fact that mainstream advertising and press tell us we need to, but exactly what are the fish oil health benefits to be had from them?

Well first things to be clear on is that we can actually get omega3 from many different food sources, but to really improve your health, you want to be getting your omega3 from fish oil. The reason for this is because it is high in something called DHA and DHA is the primary essential fat for fighting inflammation within the body. Now as you are probably aware inflammation causes things like joint pain and arthritis which can often times be very painful for the sufferer, and fish oil really came to prominence in helping to relieve the pain found from inflammation. Worryingly though, and less well known, is that inflammation is now being linked to conditions which can have a serious impact on your life. Conditions such as heart disease, strokes and blood pressure problems, but taking fish oil can help fight off these conditions.

Another way fish oil benefits you is in your brain: approximately 60% of the brain is made up of fats and of that amount roughly half again is DHA fats, so by taking fish oil you are in fact nourishing your brain with what it needs to function at its best. This means you will more than likely find your memory is better and your concentration improves. Also studies have shown that children taking it have better learning capabilities and less problems with things such as ADD.

The difficulty is, when buying an omega 3 supplement a lot of them are higher in the other essential fat which is EPA. Now both are good for you and both are needed but you really want to be looking for a supplement that is higher in the DHA for the reasons that we have already mentioned. Also it is worth noting that DHA can be changed to EPA within the body but the reverse is not possible.

Now when looking to buy a supplement to make sure you get all the fish oil health benefits that are on offer you want to make sure that as well as being high in DHA that two other processes have taken place. The first is that the fish has been caught near to where it is going to be produced. The reason for this is because if the fish has been caught by a vessel that has been at sea for a long time and they have frozen the fish, then this will make the fish go rancid and cause whoever takes the tablets to suffer from fishy burps. The second process you want to ensure happens is that the fish is molecularly distilled, this simply put means purified and this ensures that any pollutants that are in the fish are removed and not passed on to you.

Ensuring these three things have taken place will mean that you will get the full fish oil health benefits that are available, however finding a supply that has done these things is easier said than done. This being the case you should visit my website because I have done a lot of legwork for you and researched where you can get supplements like these and also further health benefits to be gained from fish oil. You can find the site at

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