Organic Body Lotion ? Finding The Best Type For Your Skin and Overall Health

Trying to select the best organic body lotion is no easy task these days, with so many around and all claiming to be the best! Find out here what you need to know to not only achieve younger looking skin but to also enhance your overall health too.

Any organic body lotion should be completely natural and have no harmful additives at all. However, many still use mineral oil (paraffin wax, petrolatum) and also parabens (methyl, propyl).

These are bad for your skin and health and block up your pores, stripping away the natural oils too. Parabens have been linked to cancer and interfering with some of the body’s functions.

The other problem is that many of these organic products just don’t contain enough natural extracts to make them beneficial.

Despite this gloomy picture, once you know what to look for, you can find the few that really are exceptional and restore younger looking and healthy skin.

Some of the best ingredients today include Cynergy TK, Phytessence wakame, Avocado oil, natural vitamin E (great natural preservative), Babassu wax and active Manuka honey.

This type of organic body lotion will contain no harmful additives and at least 50% natural potent ingredients.

Cynergy TK for example can help to boost your collagen levels to thicken up your skin and fade lines and wrinkles naturally. It is a form of Functional keratin derived from sheep’s wool and proven in clinical trials to be very effective.

Manuka honey is the most potent type, containing powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties to soothe and soften your skin and keep it healthy.

Phytessence wakame really is a unique one as it is bursting with nutrients including many B vitamins, calcium, sodium, iron and potassium to drench your skin in goodness.

It will increase your levels of hyaluronic acid to restore any lost elasticity as well as healing any irritated areas. In fact, it is a delicacy eaten fresh in its native Japan!

With an organic body lotion containing ingredients like these, you should see and feel the difference within 4-6 weeks, as your skin firms up and its tone and texture improves.

If you make sure you see through the advertizing and check out the labels, you will be able to find the handful of exceptional creams from the majority of mediocre ones.

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